Telephony Services of CTel Network

Virtual PBX

This technology allows companies from any size to have a sophisticated telephone system, without the need of purchasing PBX hardware. The technology is based on Voice over IP. Having this service permits the use of IVR, Voicemail, conference calls and much more.


  • Low short and long term cost: It is not necessary to make a high initial purchase of PBX hardware. The Virtual PBX is a solution that doesn't need maintenance and is operated through a Web Portal.

  • Geographic flexibility: No matter where they are, your employees can receive their calls as if they are at the office.

  • Credibility: For small companies a virtual PBX could mean more seriousness, since originally it is thought that a PBX is only acquired by big enterprises.

  • Easy Administration and Installation: A Virtual PBX can be installed really quickly and its administration is much easier than a traditional system and it is done to be user friendly.