Telephony Services of CTel Network

Virtual number DID

Our virtual Number (DID) is a service which provides a local number from El Salvador or USA and you will receive all the calls to that number in your the phone you want; it can be your office, home, cell phone or any other phone you want, in the country where you live.

This way, you can be reached abroad as if you where in your country. I will make you save money from international calls.

How it works

Easy, just 3 simple steps:
  • Subscribe to the service and ask for your new fixed number (El Salvador or USA).

  • Choose your monthly plan according to your needs.

  • Tell us where you want to receive your incoming calls. It can be your cell phone or any fixed number. This way, when someone calls you to your DID, the call will ring in the phone you chose and the person who called you will pay as a local call.